Daisy’s Sorted Broken Rice


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Sorted Broken Rice remains a staple rice in the Maharastra region and for a reason. This broken rice is used to make some of India’s most cherished dishes including Upma, Ghens, Kurma, Khichadi, among others.

Sorted Broken Rice is long and grainy in texture.

It does not contain any preservatives.

Certified Made in India & Apeda attested.

Daisy’s Rice is uniformly processed using State of the Art machinery imported from Japan.

It is the perfect nutritious & tasty choice for everyday use in households.

Daisy’s Sorted Broken Rice is ideal for institutions & restaurants, specifically for the rice’s speciality: curd rice.

About Daisy

Daisy is the first rice brand to have ventured into the South India rice market, in the year 2001. Since the beginning of our journey, we have been the favourite among wholesalers and consumers for our rich quality and deliciously nutritious rice, and are renownedly known as the most reliable brand you can count on for a year-round supply of high-quality rice, without any delays and at the best price in the market. With over two decades of expertise in the field, we bring you Daisy’s Rice in all of India’s favorite varieties.

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Do you have packaging denominations?

Yes, we offer all our rice variants from
10kgs all the way to 50kgs, as per request.

Do you have any partnership programs?

Yes, check out our Partnership Program page
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Do you export across India?

Yes, we currently export to 6 states in India.
You can check our Exports section to know

How can I contact you to purchase Daisy Rice?

You can contact us here

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