Daisy, A Leading Rice Brand in South India

Daisy is the 1st rice brand that has ventured into the South India rice market as a brand, in the year 2001. We have first started our journey in Hyderabad with one rice variant and today we have our many rice variants selling across many cities and states in South India. Since the beginning of our journey, we have been the favourite among wholesalers and consumers for our rich quality and tasty rice, and are renowned among wholesalers as the reliable brand for a year-round supply of high-quality rice without any delays and at the best price in the market.

At Daisy, we believe quality and naturalness stands above everything. And to maintain the consistency in the quality of our rice, our expert team, using their several years of experience, follows a standardized stringent process through every step of the procurement and manufacturing process. It is the integrity, consistency and authenticity of Daisy that has made Daisy a reliable and leading brand in South India today.

Our Mission

Daisy was established on a vision to help people eat rich quality Rice. And we are driven by a single mission – To reach every rice consumer across the world and help them relish the true essence of quality rice through Daisy rice.

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Our founder

Mr . Bachu Janardhan, the founder of Daisy rice, was born and brought up in a village background. Since childhood, he had been enthusiastic, strong-willed and had always aspired to achieve big things. Being a visionary by nature, at a very young age, he moved out of his hometown to Hyderabad and embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. With a little loan taken from a bank, he first ventured into the paddy business, then partnered in establishing a rice mill in 1985 and slowly pioneered into many businesses. He even was the first person to introduce Satake machines in the rice milling market in the South. Wanting to help people consume the best quality rice, in the year 2001, he established Daisy rice brand to spread the goodness of quality rice to every household.

Mr. Bachu Janardhan has always believed in advancing forward and never settling for anything less, and this attitude of his has been instrumental in leading Daisy and many of his other businesses to success shore.

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